How to organize Facebook photos shared with you

Facebook is a great app for sharing photos from events that you have just enjoyed. Did you attend a friend’s birthday party? The next morning you could see pictures from everyone who was there on your wall. Did you spend a weekend camping in the mountains with your school mates? On Monday morning your wall is full of pictures documenting the fun you had. That is great!

However, if you want to see the pictures again after a couple of weeks it is difficult to find them. Your Facebook wall is already filled with other up-to-date posts. You have to go to your friend’s albums and find your favorite pictures one by one.

And imagine you want to show them to some other friends, to your parents or even to somebody who does not have a Facebook account.

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Cloud for Small Business – Part 2: Storage and Sharing

In the previous blog post I did write about the security aspects of having your business data in the cloud. In the upcoming posts I’ll try to identify services and tools that are interesting for freelancers and small businesses.

I think the following activities bring the most value to your business:

  • Store & share – storing data on a safe place and share data with someone else
  • Collaborate – collaborate with your colleagues and clients
  • Work from anywhere – have a possibility to access you data and apps from any place, not just your office
  • User services having otherwise in the cloud – smoothly integrate with services like e-mail, calendar, etc.

I’ll have a detailed look at each of them. Let’s start with storage and sharing. I’ll compare 4 most popular tools: Google Drive, SkyDrive, Drop Box, and Box.

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Cloud for Small Businesses – Part 1: Security

In the last couple of months several friends, clients and colleagues asked me what is my opinion on using cloud for their businesses. They were mainly interested in three types of aspects:

  1. Security of having data in the cloud
  2. What services one should use
  3. Is there really a price advantage comparing to good old in-house apps?

In the upcoming series of blog posts I am going to present my point of view regarding these topics.
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